A mouthguard capable of dispensing a quick acting seizure aborting medication

Designed to protect teeth, tongue, lips and other oral structures from injury

Key Product Features

Burstable Pouch of Seizure Aborting Medication

Shock Absorbing Bite Pad For Oral Protection

Large Handle For Safe Application

Anti-choking Design Allows Saliva To Flow and Restrains Tongue Movement

Storage Case Keep Burstable Blatter Safe and Sanitary

Hear from our Co-Founder & Medical Expert, Adam Kirstein, how Tremblock can help prevent your next seizure


Team Menber

Adam Kirstein

Medical Expert. Very creative. Does not accept status quo. Hardworking and can fill any gap with diverse skill set

Team Menber

Jacob Kirstein

Extremely knowledgeable in Mechanical Engineering and Product Manufacturing Extensive knowledge in 3d printing